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He's a good guy for sure, but I would have been bad for him over the long haul; he didn't and doesn't need that, none of us do." "No, that's for sure," he said. And, before you say it: yes, I know, I run if it looks like it might get physical." "Yes, and I mean it, Mark. "Mike, got a minute," he said, he being Mark Fielding. "I'll give you and the whore credit; you've got nerve, the both of you. And, you, you personally, you got to have reinforced concrete huevos for sure," I said.

I was just keying the lock when I was startled by a voice just behind me and to my left.

And she said it so matter-of-factly that I had to wonder at her motivation. As I pulled and tugged at her undies with my teeth, I smelled her woman's body and saw for the first time her bald mons and felt the heat of her inner thighs and swollen pussy lips. Fielding's salon #4, the one incidentally that Flo was based at—she did work in others from time to time—was actually close to where I spent the majority of my week nights, Sinbad's, maybe a quarter mile or so away.

All of the above being true and it was; it was all about to change, and that in dramatic fashion.

It was already partly set up and ready for occupancy when I arrived. I did not want any words to pass between him and me. I took one last look at my soon to be ex and headed out without having answered her. I went back to the cabin, packed up my stuff, and headed on home. I had images of her cuckolding me all night in our used to be favorite vacation place.

They'd even set up the fireplace with log and kindling ready to go, appreciating the truth that I would at some point be wanting to light it up. She grabbed me by the arm, with surprising force, and pinned me against the wall just inside the doorway. Him and her, screwing up a storm while I—while I..." ****** Getting back to the house was good for me. "You've done something to yourself." "You can blame my friend, Millie, here for anything about me that's not the old me," I said, nodding in the direction of my main anchor in my months of travail.

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She would have cheated on you serially, and you would have discovered it, and that would have been even worse than it is now," he said. I'm thinkin' it's maybe because not all is sunshine and lollipops in cheatersville. She thinkin' I might relent and give her what she wants?

I was just backing up from the counter when I turned and bumped into him.

He, he was at least six-four, literally forced me to drop my grocery bag spilling everything out onto the floor.

Nell finally said her goodbyes and Millie and I headed upstairs. "She undressed my unresisting-self as if practiced in the art thereof. The street was almost always quiet this time of night: it was after midnight. Oh, I may have been a pussywhipped, whiny, undersized wimp; and, in spite of Millie's efforts, I'd probably never be much else, the way I figured it; but I didn't need to have such shoved in my face by my tormentors every chance they got.

We all talked for some time, killing a bottle of Sherry between us in the process. She had evidently decided, finally, after these last months that it was time to take our so far platonic relationship to the next level, a sexual level. But, it had been so long since I had been inside a woman, that I had not only no intention of resisting, I couldn't have even if I'd been so inclined. That said, it was also next door to Cash &Carry Grocers, which I passed every night as I walked myself the mile and a half it took to get me home—which was also something that Millie encouraged.

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